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Can YOUR Phone Think for You?

Denver, Colorado - Like the plot of a science fiction movie, SohoStar Corporation's network and products have Artificial Intelligence capabilities, completely redefining the meaning of the "Smart" phone.

SohoStar's parent, Advanced Intelligent Networks Corporation, has recently released "David" a highly extensible operating system for cell phones, TVs, modems, routers, set-top boxes and all manner of digital communication appliances.

David, named for its creator David Roland, utilizes AI techniques to LEARN from your personal requests and creates your user profile applying factors such as age, interests, knowledge, etc. David keeps the data locally and serves social media, pictures, content and email, providing personal information ONLY to whom you designate.

David enables a live avatar who, with the assistance from the "hive" of other David devices, provides VoIP Unified Messaging, web and text communications, conferencing and multimedia streaming, as well as energy management and home controls. David provides anti-piracy content services and enables the collection of usage fees and honoring encryption agreements for information rental.

With strict protections, David's built-ins enable running applications from anywhere on the planet on any David node; the TRUE DEFINITION OF CLOUD COMPUTING (SAS). The "Hive" shares information and protects the collective against cyber-attacks.

David is sleek, using only 200K bytes of firmware storage and can manage a device on its own or co-exist with Linux. "David bypasses the Java bloat of Android in order to be directly connected As the Cloud", says Roland.

SohoStar exclusively uses David's 20 years of development to empower a new family of devices. Products, such as the Akanyana cellular phone originally designed for Rwanda, wouldn't be possible without David. The Akanyana will sell for $20 and enables free voice and unlimited texting throughout SohoStar. Other innovative products include a 36mbit cognitive radio modem and an under $50 settop box to literally provide a "Smart TV" information and media experience.

SohoStar intends to provide global communication services through its network of "National Franchises", the first being SohoStar Rwanda, Ltd with support from crowdfunding.

To manufacturer the electronics, AINC has formed the SohoWave Corporation which is seeking funding and manufacturing partners in Asia and the US to provide OEM products for SohoWave's planned factory in Rwanda, and elsewhere for global distribution.

As Roland quips, "It's like David vs Googl-iath, Simple tools bring down giants"

For additional information about David, please send email to prcomm (at) AND come back to visit the site in the next weeks.

Welcome To AINC

Advanced Intelligent Networks Corporation was incorporated in Colorado in 1996 and consists today as 3 business units: SohoStar - The Global Digital Services Group; SohoNet - The software development unit; and SohoWave - for Carrier Class Equipment and Digital Dialtone Products.

SohoStar is a multimedia digital Service Provider, providing Digital-Dialtone over wired and wireless services. Our computers are located in a Central Office Environment, Carrier Class Co-location facility, with secure access and power back up 24x7. SohoStar provides complete hosting solutions with Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP (LAMP) architecture, but also provides Microsoft Network File System support. SohoStar.TV provides internet video and radio (audio) streaming along with secure access and encrypted content.

SohoNet provides our Fault Tolerant Operating System software which was designed for Carrier Class applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Virtual Automatic Call Distributor either with POTS call redirection or accepting calls as SIP calls which are routed anywhere on the Internet. The SohoNet Software is scalable from an N+1 redundant architecture down to an Embedded Application in less than 1MB of memory.

SohoWave is a hardware manufacturer of Carrier Class Network Service Elements and 4G customer premise and mobile communication products. More information will be release in Q2'2012.